Portable Wood Flooring Systems



  • A structurally and dimensionally stable floor system where players perform better with less fatigue and less chance of leg and ankle injuries.
  • Factory assembled, built and designed according to your colors, logos and game line marking… ready for immediate play and use.
  • Fast and easy installation set up and removal – ideal for multi-event facility.
  • Flexibility and handling of the portable/sectional floor system turns your facility into a qualified sports hall in a matter of a few hours.
  • Allows the facility/coliseum to schedule multi-purpose events within the same day.
  • Standard & Special sizes, suitable for Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, Netball, Badminton and other multi-purpose sports activities.
  • Designed to be easily and quickly installed over concrete, synthetic or appropriately insulated ice arena surfaces.
  • The portable floor panels use American Northern Hard Maple or European Nordic Beech, Maple, or Ash that are factory assembled over a structural subfloor system and that is lighter weight and easy to handle for installation and removal
  • The sub-floor fastening/locking “Inter-Locking System” (hidden) ensures control of expansion due to normal changes in humidity, for a tight fitting and level-playing surface.
  • This special hidden inter-locking system leaves the surface free of nails and locking hardware for greater safety.
  • Court sealants, finishes and game line marking paint according to international standards and federations (optional perimeter paint, logos, lettering available).
  • Safety perimeter ramps available for easy on and off the court access.
  • Transportation & Storage carts accessories available for easy handling.

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Options for Wood

European Beech

European Ash

Nordic Maple

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