Prestige Enterprise International Company Profile

100+ Dealers… 56 Countries… 34+ years… 15+ Certifications
10+ Manufacturing Facilities & Service Centers… 1 Company

Prestige Enterprise International, Inc., a family owned company established in 1978, is a world leader in the design, manufacture, supply and export of quality residential, commercial and sports flooring systems to over 56 countries worldwide. It includes very prestigious venues such as previous Summer & Winter Olympic Games, Asian Games, South East Asian Games, European Basketball Championships, Pan-American Games, South American Games, Commonwealth Games, Arab Games, Afrobasket (Africa Championship), Netball Championships, and various country National Games, Army/military facilities, multi-purpose schools and gymnasiums, aerobic/dance/fitness studios and centers, sports Arenas, as well as many residential and commercial buildings (private homes, condos, restaurants, museums, hotels, office buildings, departments stores…).

Our hardwood and synthetic sports systems with unique system designs and technology are in Compliance and have been specially tested and certified by worldwide organizations (FIBA, EN14904, DIN V 18032:2,MFMA, WSF, BWF, NWFA, JIS, ASTM…..) ensuring safety, performance, and durability. With international offices and service centers in Europe, Asia, South America, Canada and the Middle East, we are able to provide technical and installation support to our worldwide family of distributors and partners.

Environment: All of the products are derived from environmentally conscious producers and are manufactured with the latest up-to- date technology from the drying and milling of lumber to your floor. FSC certified wood products are also made available for eco friendly required projects.



“From the top, all floors look the same. It’s what’s on the bottom (subfloor & pads) that counts”

The latest generation of natural and synthetic Thermo Rubber “TPR” Resilient Rubber Cushion PADS: Bi-Power™, D-Power™, Resi™, and MultiPad™.

  • Patented Technology and Design
  • Tested under DIN, EN and ASTM standards
  • Available in 10mm (3/8”), 12mm (1/2”), 19mm (3/4”) Thickness
  • Safety and comfort for the athlete
  • Durability for the life of the sports floor
  • Special design for maximum resiliency, uniformity, deflection and shock absorption, energy recuperation and ball rebound to your sports floor system · Performs in changing and adverse environmental weather conditions
  • Minimal variations in hardness through years of usage
  • High pressure and high impact resistance against heavy loads (telescopic seating/bleachers)
President / Founder: Mr. Charles K. Gabbour
CEO: Mrs. M. Gabbour
Major Brand Names: Prestige Hardwood Floors
Prestige Sport Systems
Countries of Distribution: Over 56 countries worldwide
Worldwide Offices: USA Headquarters, Lebanon, Canada, Italy
Worldwide Certifications, Accreditations & Memberships: FIBA (International Basketball Federation)
MFMA (Maple Floor Manufacture Association)
WSF (World Squash Federation)
NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association)
BWF (Badminton World Federation)
Product Testing: Tested Under:
DIN18032:2 (Otto –Graf Institute Germany)
EN14904 (European Norms)
ASTM (F2772) (American Society for Testing Methods)
JIS (Japan Industrial Standards)
In honor and memory of Charles K. Gabbour, Founder

In honor and memory of Charles K. Gabbour, Founder