Sports & Recreation

Prestige offers 5 different complete Bi-Power Hardwood flooring sports systems to meet demands of every type of sport, sports facility and budget. We are also able to provide Synthetic options upon request, for Indoor rubber and other high end vinyl and linoleum.

Bio-mechanical sports systems which are resilient and provide safety, comfort and shock absorbency to maximize the protection to the athlete and minimize injuries.

Hardwood Maple sports systems as well as synthetic systems to meet all type of sport requirements.

All systems are tested internationally to meet various worldwide stringent safety, quality and durability standards.

All systems are accredited by world organizations for international and all levels of competition

The Systems are Free-floating resilient sports floor system designed for multi-purpose use. The Bi-Power Systems are recommended for basketball, volleyball, badminton, handball, racquetball, squash and other multi-purpose sports activities providing good resiliency, shock absorption, and performance – whether jumping, running or pivoting.

Bi-Power Systems are suitable for all types of facilities and for players of all ages providing not only a multi-functional sports floor but also a floor at competitive budgets.


Total Gymnasium Coordination

Prestige is able to recommend and supply the complete gymnasium requirements by bringing a consortium of manufacturing partners together.  By combining the highest-quality sports surfaces and equipment for basketball, volleyball, badminton, tennis, squash and racquetball, the partners are able to service the customer through shared technical information on projects, coordination of manufacturing and consolidation for shipment.  Each member of the consortium is recognized as a leading manufacturer in the sports industry and is internationally certified by its respective world governing body to supply its materials for international competition.

Our coordination and supply of the following:

Squash / Racquetball Wall Panels

Squash / Racquetball Plaster Wall System

Glass Back Walls for Squash / Racquetball

Squash / Racquetball Light System

Floor Protection Covers

Basketball Backstops (Portable / Overhead)

Scoreboards / Shot Clocks

Volleyball / Badminton / Tennis Equipment