Prefinished Square Edge

Prefinished Square Edge Maple & Beech Flooring For Sports

The Pre-finished square edge is a Random Length product that is installed just like the UNFINISHED maple.
Only difference Prestige does the sanding, sealing and finishing at the factory on our new finish line using 5 coats of BONA Finish which is
cooked/cured into the wood for maximum durability and a perfect finish (no sanding or buffing marks or burns from man-made labor and mistakes).

If you calculate your cost of labor, time, tools, dust, electricity required for sanders/buffers + the errors made by humans on job sites,
then the Prefinished option although seemingly more expensive will come out to be a better deal as you already can save anywhere from 4 to 8 days on site.

PRESTIGE is one of few companies in all US/CANADA that is offering Prefinished for sports in square edge.
This could be a competitive advantage for you with clients and architects. And this product requires a special technology not easily reproduced by competition

Beech Wood - 2nd Grade

Photo showing square edge prefinished:

Maple Wood - 2nd Grade

Photo showing square edge prefinished: