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Prestige Residential Hardwood Floors
Prestige hardwood floors are the result of generations of experience in selecting, shaping, and finishing hardwoods. You will find our solid and engineered laminated floors in some of the finest homes, businesses, and commercial centers. A wide range of species in red and white oak, maple, birch, beech, cherry, ash, and walnut are available to cover all your needs. The latest wood finishing technology protects and preserves the beauty of Prestige’s natural hardwood flooring.

We take environmental factors very seriously and have engaged in a reclamation program to ensure maximum forest resources for the future.

Unfinished & Prefinished Solid/Massif 19mm (3/4″)
“From the forest to your home… we start from the logs in the sawmill.”
100% Made in Canada / USA

Width/Sizes Available

  • 19mm x 57mm x Random Length (3/4” x 2 1/4”)
  • 19mm x 76mm x Random Length (3/4” x 3”)
  • 19mm x 83mm x Random Length (3/4” x 3 1/4”)
  • 19mm x 102mm x Random Length (3/4” x 4”)
  • 19mm x 108mm x Random Length (3/4” x 4 1/4”)
  • 19mm x 127mm x Random Length (3/4” x 5”)
  • 19mm x 152mm x Random Length (3/4” x 6”)
  • 19mm x 178mm x Random Length (3/4” x 7”)

*** 20mm (25/32”) & 27mm (33/32”) Available Upon Request ***

*** Engineered Laminate Hardwood in 10mm (3/8”), 12mm (1/2”), 15mm (5/8”) and 19mm (3/4”) Available upon request ***

Grades Available

  • Select & Better
  • Canadian Plus
  • Natural


Unfinished OR Prefinished with 8 Coats UV Cured Oil Modified Polyurethane Finish with Aluminum Oxide



  • Solid/MassifHardwoodFlooring
  • Tongue & Groove
  • 4 Side Micro “V” Groove/Bevel


  • Solid/MassifUnfinishedHardwoodFlooring
  • Square Edge / 4 Side T&G